Luca’s Lockdown

Written by Luca Willgress.

Day 64 in isolation due to Coronavirus and another 35 days to go.  Having Cystic Fibrosis is annoying at the best of times but having to be in lockdown as well is a struggle.  I have to be “shielded” until the end of June as I am classed as “extremely vulnerable”

My dad has to work from home to keep me safe, I’m not allowed out at all and I can’t see my friends and family.

Keeping Busy

I have been doing school work that my teacher has set on the school website.  One of the projects was to make a board game for our Reception Buddies, I made a board game called “Spell “n” Go” the aim of the game is to get all your men home by spelling the words correctly.  I think the reception classes will like my game.  I have done loads of maths sheets, I’ve been watching BBC Bitesize which gives me tips for Secondary School.  I also have a massive list of spellings that I need to learn.  I like reading “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” books, I’ve read 4 of them in lockdown, they are really funny.

My new project that I‘m doing is making a booklet about my Secondary School, The Ravensbourne School.

What I really enjoy doing is playing “Fortnite” on my Xbox with my friends.  I’m on level 185 which is quite good as I only started playing it in lockdown.

The other day my mum and I made a red velvet cake, which was really nice, my family really liked it.

Keeping Fit

I have to make sure that I do exercise everyday for my physio and it’s hard to think of things to do at home.  I’m lucky that I have a big trampoline in my garden and when the weather is really hot we play a game called “Luca get wet” this is fun, my family chase me with the hose, I love it.  I also like to do some cardio so I have been doing Joe Wickes workout which I enjoy.

I’m in a football team called the “Hawkes” before lockdown I would go training twice a week and I really miss it, I have a big goal in my garden and I play football with my dad.

Coronavirus Worries

Some days I worry about the virus because I think me, my friends and family will get it. I really miss my friends and family and its good that I can call or facetime them to see that they are ok and have a laugh.  

Some days I am really bored but I find that doing something that enjoy everyday helps and exercise makes me feel better.

I know that the Doctors and nurses are working really hard to help sick people so I am staying home until this is all over, I know it won’t be forever.

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